Why choose Calvary Publishing to design your ministry’s website?

Why choose Calvary Publishing to design your ministry’s website?

You may be considering starting a website for your ministry, but the question arises, “Do I try and design the website myself, or do I hire a professional to do it? If I hire a professional, which one do I choose?” These are great questions to ask before taking on the task of a ministry website. For the first question about hiring it out, check out the article Benefits of a professional website design. For the second question, about whom to hire, the following three reasons might help in your decision-making.

1. Baptist Ministry

We make no effort in hiding our motives, Calvary Publishing wants you to choose us to design your ministry website. Of course there are many ministries and other businesses that also want you to choose them, but if the decision is between a worldly, profiteering business and a local church, Baptist ministry, the choice should be easy. This is the primary reason many ministries choose Calvary Publishing for their printing needs, and we feel this is also a reason we’re chosen for website needs. As a ministry, we know the struggles ministries endure, we know the budgetary constraints and we know your audience. It’s difficult for the world to understand what a ministry goes through and you’ll receive little sympathy from them. But here at Calvary Publishing, we serve the same Lord, work for the same goal of reaching the lost and believe the same King James Bible.

2. Affordable Pricing

So if you’ve made the decision to choose a Baptist ministry rather than a worldly business to provide your website needs, the question becomes, which ministry? Naturally, Baptist ministries will gravitate toward the lower priced or even “free” website ministries. While being price-conscious is wise, it doesn’t always translate into “value.” The cheaper ministries may not provide the quality desired, but often the quality a ministry desires is too expensive to afford! Calvary Publishing is not the “cheapest,” but we feel we are the best “value” because of the balance we’ve found between price and quality. Our pricing is competitive, but not compromising, that is we provide affordable professionalism. Please see our pricing structure for more information on what we offer.

3. Professional Quality

As mentioned above, there were two main differences between Baptist website design ministries, the pricing and the quality. We feel we not only offer our service at an affordable price, but we also distinguish ourselves from other ministries by providing professionally designed websites. Calvary Publishing offers affordable, high-quality website design for Baptist ministries. You can now have the best of “three” worlds: affordably supporting a Baptist ministry while receiving a first-class website design. If you’d like to see some of our recent work, please see our portfolio page. Also you may want to hear what some of our satisfied clients are saying.

To get started on your ministry’s website, please contact us today!