The ministry website advantage

The ministry website advantage

So the Lord has called you into His work; you’ve started a church or you’re on deputation or you’re out in evangelism, etc. and now you’re wondering if you need a website for your ministry. Honestly, a website is not needed to be successful in the ministry, but it does provide your ministry several advantages as outlined below.

1. Your beliefs, standards and convictions are clearly displayed

This is one of the main concerns visitors have concerning your ministry. You can show the world your strong stand on Biblical principles right from your website!

2. Your contact information is readily available to your visitors

Another main piece of information your potential visitors or hosting Pastors are looking for is your contact information. They may be searching for a phone number or email address to contact you, or a potential visitor may be looking for a church address or map to find driving directions. Many more people are likely to contact your ministry if this information readily available on your website.

3. Your website can answer many questions

There are many other questions (besides your convictions and contact information) you can answer for your visitors right from your ministry’s website. For example, many visitors may wish to know your preaching itinerary, service schedules, family information, field or mission board information, etc. A website can save you from countless phone calls or emails that ask the same questions.

4. Your website keeps your audience informed

This is great if you have a blog or announcement section on your site. It keeps visitors or church members abreast of what’s going on. You may already have a social media page (Facebook, Google+, etc.), but a ministry website will also allow you to have many other benefits these ad-driven, social media sites can’t offer.

5. You can display a photo gallery

This makes your ministry more personable. Photos of your church, your mission field, your family, etc. allow the visitors to really get a feel for who you are.

6. You can sell your products

Online selling, or e-commerce, is a huge advantage of having a ministry website. You can sell your stuff on “free” sites, but you’ll have to pay seller fees or other hidden costs. But if you have your own website, not only can you have an e-commerce store, but the rest of these great benefits listed here!

7. You can accept donations and love offerings

By using PayPal, you can accepts donations, support and love offerings right from your website! Using this feature, visitors can use their PayPal account or even their credit card.

8. Visitors can sample your sermons/videos/songs

If you’re interested in showcasing your sermons or songs, a ministry website can help. You’ll be able to post these media files on your site so your visitors can hear preaching or singing. Again, you can post it on YouTube or another video site, but having it on your own website is much more advantageous.

9. You can reach a wider audience

Unlike a phone book or other printed materials, a ministry website reaches a global audience. One brochure reaches only one person, and maybe a few more if it’s passed along. However, one website can reach millions! Share your message and your burden with the world by starting your own ministry website today!

10. Attract new members or contacts

A sharp-looking, professionally-designed website is a great tool for attracting new members or contacts for your ministry. A professional design will rank higher in search engine results and the visual appeal will reflect your commitment to giving the Lord your best. For more reasons on why you should hire a professional website design firm rather than doing it yourself, please read this article.

Sound good?

We hopeful this list of advantages has convinced you to contact us to discuss a professionally designed website for your ministry. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Simply fill out this form to get started!