Affordable monthly plans to fit your ministry’s budget

Affordable monthly plans to fit your ministry’s budget

Calvary Publishing offers three affordable plans to fit your ministry’s needs and budget. We’ve been doing our research and have found that most Baptist ministries are falling prey to two common problems:

  1. They are getting their website done for free (either DIY or ad-based software)
    • A problem because an unprofessional website appearance deters visitors
    • A problem because many times they have difficulty getting it properly updated
    •  A problem because the person doing it for free is no longer is available
    • A problem because the website is limited by which features are available
  2. They are paying way too much for their website (an outrageous setup cost or high monthly costs)
    • A problem for obvious reasons

We know that every ministry’s needs are different when it comes to website design so we’ve simplified it to the three most common packages requested by Baptists. For a quick comparison of price and features, please view our pricing page.

Design Package

This package is for those ministries that only desire a professional re-design of their existing website. You already have a great, reliable hosting package and a domain name, but a “not-so-fresh” design. Well then, this package is for you! Calvary Publishing will completely re-design your website to give it a professional-looking appearance. You can even have a small e-commerce section (up to 10 items) at no additional charge! With this design only package, you have full control of the maintenance and upkeep of your site for a one-time price of $300. There’s no monthly charge!

Ministry Package

This is by far our most popular website offering. For only $20/month, your ministry will get everything it needs for a fully functional website: a domain name, website hosting, free professional website design, technical support, unlimited email address and many other great features! There’s no setup or design fee – just $20/month. From our research, we’ve found that this price is about half of what other “ministries” charge for website design. We’ve also found that many churches simply add it to their monthly missions’ budget as their website is now “a tool” to broadcast the Gospel all around the world. Contact us today to get an idea of all the features we can implement on your website!

E-commerce Package

If you want to take your ministry’s website to the next level, this package is for you. You’ll receive all the great features included in our Ministry Package, but now you can incorporate a much larger e-commerce section to maximize your sales. Whether it be books, music CDs, sermon DVDs or digital products, sell them on your ministry’s website. Receive online payments via Paypal – the most trusted e-commerce transaction vehicle on the internet – which also allows your customers to pay with their credit card. This website package is only $60/month.

Still undecided?

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